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In 2023, Polarium and Tibber joined forces to create the revolutionary consumer battery Homevolt. Homevolt makes home energy storage more widely available, helping consumers lower energy costs, adding more flexibility to the electrical grid in the process. Combining cutting-edge battery technology from Polarium with the latest energy management software from Tibber, Homevolt is a product like no other. Buying a battery has never been simpler; using it has never been easier. Homevolt gives the user complete control over their energy consumption. Homevolt is manufactured in Sweden by Polarium.

About Tibber 

Tibber is the smart digital energy provider founded in 2016 by the Norwegian Edgeir Vårdal Aksnes and the Swede Daniel Lindén. Through its revolutionizing app that provides consumers with real-time analytics and control of their energy usage, Tibber delivers on its core mission: to make sustainable energy consumption simple and affordable for all households.

About Polarium 

Polarium is a leading energy storage developer. We make energy storage and optimization solutions built on lithium-ion battery technology for businesses within telecom, commercial and industrial facilities and households across the world. Polarium was founded in 2015 on the conviction that safe, smart and sustainable energy storage solutions will be key to empower the transition to a truly, sustainable energy future.