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Making energy management at home a better experience

A truly independent home requires energy storage, and it has never been this easy to get started. Homevolt is all you need in one battery system. It offers reliable energy storage without complexity – a seamless experience.

Get to know the battery

Intelligent and intuitive

Homevolt is smart, able to analyze data and make good decisions. The battery is innovative and efficient, to make energy management at home a better experience for you. It uses wireless technology to monitor your home’s consumption and any production.

A seamless solution

Homevolt easily fits with your lifestyle and works well with other devices at home. The technology effortlessly works alongside other smart devices, such as solar production or EV charging solutions, making your experience seamless and hassle-free.

Find Your Energy

Whether you need energy storage for daily consumption or high-power output for demand response programs, we have the perfect solution to keep your home powered efficiently and effectively.

Modular efficiency Find your energy

Homevolt offers two product configurations tailored to meet your energy needs. Energy usage and usage patterns are factors to consider when choosing battery capacity. Larger households with higher energy demands benefit from higher capacity battery configurations, ideal for maximizing self-consumption of solar energy or avoiding high energy price peaks. Conversely, smaller-sized systems are better suited for high-power demand programs like frequency control, delivering efficient power output without excess storage capacity.


6kW/ 6.6 kWh

A 6-kilowatt power output and 
a 6.6-kilowatt-hours storage capacity.


6kW/ 13.3 kWh

A 6-kilowatt power output and
a 13.3-kilowatt-hour storage capacity.

More Homevolt technology

Be smart. Be simple. Explore Homevolt.

I want to enable my 
home’s energy potential… Where can I buy it?

We sell our batteries through our selected resellers in order to enable the full energy potential of your home. They will also provide installing, customer service and help. The reason for them also being resellers is that they also provide Homevolts true companions such as EV-chargers, solar and devices that will have additional effects on your homes energy potential.


Scandinavian living

Leading the charge with a circular approach in mind.

Scandinavian living embraces cutting-edge energy storage solutions.

Smart, Easy, Scandinavian design

Homevolt is a smart product inside and out – from quality material to advanced features. Easy to get, easy to use. Homevolt’s user-friendly interface is made for you to be in control. Homevolt is designed to be put on display. Every detail has been carefully considered and chosen with a circular mindset.

Scandinavian sleekness and style

Homevolt is crafted for showcasing, designed in Scandinavia to embody sleekness and style, while being small and lightweight.